The NEBBEX Revolution is Here…

The Nebbex™ Protocol will end asset losses from trading platforms and exchanges resulting from hacks, breaches and internal theft as it is prevalent today. It is the first institutional standard, safe and scalable digital assets custody solution that is both secure and liquid. A new paradigm of digital asset adoption, for users, SMEs and Governments. Request our whitepaper to learn more. Highlights of the System:

  • ✔ First Blockchain-Powered Physical Vault
  • ✔ All Assets are Vaulted & Tokenized through the NBBX token
  • ✔ Under 1 Hour Withdrawals from Vault
  • ✔ First Government-Licensed + Regulated + Insured Company
  • ✔ Solutions for Exchanges, Investors and Retail Sectors
  • ✔ Safest Custody Solutions for Institutions & Governments

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Current Status:

  • Private Institutional Presale Now Open
  • Beta Program for Exchanges Now Open



Despite some major improvements over the years, the crypto industry is still facing a multitude of issues that are making investors, businesses, and governments reluctant to invest any significant amount of money in this asset class. Widespread adoption can only happen if some of these key issues are solved...

Hacks & Breaches On The Rise

Exchanges are becoming a major target for hacks and breaches of all kinds. Halfway in 2018, almost 2 billion $ worth of assets were reportedly stolen from several exchanges. This is a major roadblock not only for institutional investors but also to widespread crypto adoption.

Unregulated & Unlicensed Companies

Governments worldwide are cracking down on unregulated and unlicensed exchanges and crypto trading companies. There is a dire lack of regulated, insured and licensed custody solutions in the market right now.

The Safety vs Liquidity Conundrum

Users and investors today have a difficult choice to make as they forced to choose either safety (e.g. cold wallets, deep cold storage) or liquidity (hot/online wallets). Both options come with their pros and cons. No solution, until today, offers both.

Storage Concerns at Crypto Exchanges

Realizing the risks and dangers of the BYOB method (Being Your Own Bank) users are increasingly trusting exchanges with their assets. However, exchanges today come with their own risks: hacks, internal breaches, DDOS attacks, non-compliance, low reliability, high transaction latency, etc, and they openly admit their flaws in their ToS and disclaimer sections.

Difficulty in Cashing to Fiat

The expense and difficulty in cashing out safely is a prominent barrier holding back the adoption of cryptocurrency for small daily transactions with local merchants, for instance. Also, popular custody and cold storage solutions currently make their users wait up to 48 hours for withdrawals.

Security Issues in Key Generation

All randomness is not created equal. A 15-year-old teenager discovered and exploited a vulnerability in private key generation in Ledger, one of the world’s safest wallets. Predictability is measured by entropy. The lower the entropy, the more predictable a sequence of “random” numbers becomes. Nebbex takes key generation one step further. Request whitepaper to learn more.

No Rev Share & Lack of Transparency in Fees

Current crypto custodial services aren’t transparent when it comes to fees and earnings. Traditional banks earn money by keeping custody of their clients’ money. In a blockchain world, the process has to be transparent and revenue must be shared with clients.


Partial list of $1,890,080,000 USD loss in 2018.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are becoming a focus for hackers as higher digital currency prices make them lucrative targets. Most exchanges also hold cryptocurrency assets on behalf of clients, making their vaults more appealing still. With high-profile hacks on a regular basis such as that of Japanese exchange Coincheck in early 2018, security has been pushed front and centre.

The details of the hack from this decentralized exchange are still under investigation.

Hacker managed to gain access to an internet-connected “hot wallet” for one of the more thinly-traded assets listed on the platform.

Around 30% of coins being offered for sale as part of an ICO stored in its servers were stolen by unknown hackers.

Funds were lost as a result of the exposure of private keys, the cryptographic code that unlocks and moves blockchain-based assets.

GainBitcoin, a bitcoin-based investment option. Post launch website was hacked overnight to replace Bitcoin with MCAP.

Investors were invited to buy Datang Coin at various promotional events. The problem was that DBTC never existed.

A Vietnamese company first ran the Pincoin ICO. The team began paying out rewards to investors in iFan tokens. Then the team disappeared.

A Ponzi scheme, the CEO/Manager disappeared with the funds, made possible because the exchange was not following financial standards.

Simple phishing scheme were scammers purchased Google Adwords to entice victims. Users followed spoof links that asked for details.

Speculation suggests an exit scam, with the data architect who created the exit protocols getting heat for the theft. Still under investigation.

A failure of security measures leading to cryptocurrency NEM theft. NEM funds stored in a “hot wallet” online instead of a “cold wallet” offline.



Exchanges Hacked


Billion in Stolen Crypto


+ Users Affected



Nebbex offers the first institutional standard digital assets custody solution. Current storage solutions either offer security (low-risk cold storage) or liquidity (high-risk hot wallet) but none combine the two. This disconnect is the cause of continuous breach and hacking. Digital assets can integrate and migrate through networks but this benefit also exposes vulnerabilities. And since all online exchanges, trading platforms or wallets need to dip their assets online as some point for any form of activity, breaches become a matter of when, not how.

First insured, fluid, digital assets custody solution. The Nebbex™ custody solution allows millions of users to store multiple cryptocurrencies into a third party insured blockchain managed physical vault, with instant payments and withdrawals concurrently within the Nebbex™ eco-system, and under one hour withdrawals outside eco-system.

Patent pending smart contract driven physical vault

Observed blind key generation through Nebbex Smartloader™

Audited randomness / entropy ratio, and public address broadcasting to blockchain

Deep cold storage for BTC and Altcoins

Patent Pending, smart contract authority, multi-sig ratchet withdrawal system

Off-chain on-chain, batch recording to Ethereum public blockchain

Scalable reconciliation technology allows for under 1 hour withdrawal

Smart contract only generates multi-sig withdraw codes when users initiate and authorize withdrawals

Third-party insured customer accounts

KYC and AML regulation compliant

Powered by first of its kind NBBX, index token to ERC223-standard

Licensed and regulated


Professional level of security and servicing that is expected of a world-class financial custody provider. Our client verticals will include: (i) Financial institutions - primarily funds and banks, (ii) Government and GREs, (iii) High Net Worth Individuals and family offices, and (iv) Not for profits and third-sector foundations. These will be served through our regulated infrastructure across the globe via our own offices, or through our network of appointed sub-custodians.

Institutional service desk

Patent pending smart contract driven physical vault

Instant transactions, fulfilment and conversions within ecosystem

OTC trading, on-chain or off-chain vault swap technology

Precious metals trade and custody

Withdrawals from ecosystem in under one hour

Portfolio analysis tools

Third-party insured customer accounts

KYC and AML regulation compliant

Live operator 24/7 customer service


Completely integrated infrastructure and payment gateway for cryptocurrencies. First of its kind point-of-sale system. allows online merchants or retail outlets to accept instant payments of large or small amounts, from anywhere in the world with no transaction fees. Nebbex™ pay supports GAP600 and Airdrops.

Unlimited free transactions within ecosystem

Multi-currency payments

Automated best price conversions to other assets

Instant fulfilment

Downloadable customer details for banking audits

Dispute resolution and arbitration

KYC and AML regulation compliant

24/7 customer service


The Blockchain Asset Market Integration for third-party exchanges and trading platforms comes as welcome news for countless exchanges and trading platforms around the world. The system allows these third-party entities to plug into Nebbex’s legal and compliance framework, and use the Nebbex back-end to manage their end users’ transactions. This delivers an-AML compliant closed loop that starts when exchange users first change fiat to cryptocurrencies. Exchanges then stores users’ digital assets inventory in the Nebbex vault (dubbed as one of the top 5 most secure vaults in the world) and instead operate Representation Tokens signifying the underlying value of stored digital assets.

The Representation Tokens are supplied by Nebbex and are easily replaceable if stolen. End-users wanting to cash back to fiat with trading profits to do in a regulatory compliant manner that satisfies KYC and AML concerns. This mechanism gives third part exchanges peace of mind, brand protection and minimal licensing requirements in many jurisdictions. The Nebbex protocol is Government-licenses, regulated and fully insured by a leading third-party insurance company, which should give our partners an even greater peace of mind.

Secure and regulated way for third party platforms to offer FIAT

Larger platforms can offer instant liquidity to smaller platforms

No hacks or employee thefts, third party platforms use and store redeemable tokens in their hot wallets

Underlying assets kept safe, in Patent pending smart contract operated physical vault

Compromised tokens from third party platforms can be replaced

Volume based, low percentage fee

Powered by first of its kind NBBX, index token to ERC223-standard

Third-party insured customer accounts, simplifying licensing requirements to exchanges in some jurisdictions

KYC and AML regulation compliant

Live operator 24/7 customer service


App initiated and smart contract driven, blind key generated system, Nebbex™ wallet allows users to store top 20 cryptocurrencies into a third party insured blockchain managed physical vault, instant payments and withdrawals within the Nebbex™ eco-system, and under one-hour withdrawals outside eco-system. Fiat to digital assets, OTC and licensed and regulated.

The Nebbex wallet solutions offers an app-initiated user interface and is smart contract driven. It uses the same blind key generated system utilised by other asset classes stored in Nebbex’s proprietary and insured vault. While the blind key generation, security, and insurance is what creates the ultimate digital asset custody solution, it is Nebbex’s smart contract driven vault management system that allows the solutions to scale out to millions of users.

Patent pending smart contract driven physical vault

App driven, smart contract technology, allows users direct withdrawal from physical vault in under 1 hour

Deep cold storage for BTC and 20 most popular alt-coins

Instant, no-limit, peer to peer trading using vault swap technology

Gateway, Fiat to BTC, ETH, AU or AG

No fee payment system with merchants using Nebbex™ wallet

Identity theft protection

Third-party insured user accounts

KYC and AML regulation compliant

24/7 customer service



We intend to use the proceeds of the offerings for the development of the Platform, strategic acquisitions, marketing and licensing, general working capital and services relating to the launch of the offerings, including the payment of the distribution fees and offering costs related to the offerings.


Nebbex™ has been incubated by Regal Group, and is part of the Regal Group of companies. The Group has a network of offices in Switzerland, Canada the United States and the United Arab Emirates. In 2013, Regal Assets placed 20th in the Inc 500 annual list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Regal RA DMCC is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency world and was the Middle East’s very first government issued license to trade in cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it has developed the world's first institutional-grade deep cold storage for cryptocurrencies. Regal RA DMCC was covered extensively in the world’s press, prominently featured in Bloomberg and also listed in Wikipedia twice.